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Transportation Field Trip Information


Field Trip bus requests must be entered into Trip Tracker at least two weeks prior to the Departure Date.  Bus requisitions may be denied if received under the two week window.  Buses are available on a first come, first served basis, with CCS trips having priority over out-of-district requests.  Trips may be limited to fewer buses than requested if the number requested exceeds what is available.  

Please be sure to fill in each field completely and with as much detail as possible.  Here are some examples:

  •   Reason For Request - include the grade(s) of the passengers, as this can affect the bus capacity
  •   Contact Name/Phone - the adult staff member attending the event; include phone number
  •   Account - the school/organization to be billed
  •   Destination - if not in the drop-down list, include actual & accurate name and street address if adding a new location (PLEASE DO NOT CREATE DUPLICATES) 
  •   Boarding Place - always note if loading at a bus loop, front of school, etc. in the "Notes" section
  •   Luggage Carrier - consider whether you will need to transport coolers, sports equipment, etc.; indicate "luggage carrier"

-Once the bus requisition is approved and assigned the appropriate bus(es) and Driver(s), the trip's requestor will receive confirmation of the bus and driver information.

Keep in mind that if a trip is requested during a school day, typically load/depart times should be no sooner than 8:30 am and arrival back on campus time no later than 1:30 pm.  If the trip times do not fall within this time frame, the trip will be dependent upon the availability of our Substitute Drivers and buses.  When determining the times of the trip, please consider whether it will interfere with our midday kindergarten and preschool transportation if your organization is an Elementary school.

If transporting preschool aged students, our buses must be equipped with an adequate supply of safety vests as well as a Bus Monitor.  Please inform Dispatch with an accurate count prior to the departure date.

If the trip's passengers will include a student with a specific medical condition (i.e. requiring diastat, epi pen, inhaler), please inform Dispatch as soon as it is known so that the Driver can be informed and receive instruction in the event of an emergency.

The attending staff member(s) must supply the Driver a passenger roster accounting for each person aboard.  Drivers are not permitted to proceed with the trip until the roster is presented, per KAR 702:030, section 21.

Please notify Transportation immediately if a scheduled trip has been cancelled.  If the cancellation occurs after the trip Driver has arrived for the scheduled loading time, the School/Organization will be billed for use of the bus and one hour to one and one-half hour (depending on circumstance) show-up time for the Driver.

For more information about requesting a bus, schedules, rates, and processes please email: or call Mrs. Kristi Hartzel at (859) 635-2161 (ext. 1902 for staff)