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Last Day of School for Students: May 24, 2024

Gifted and Talented Program

How are the gifted and talented identified?

Gifted students in Campbell County Schools are identified through their outstanding intellectual capabilities, academic aptitudes, creative abilities, leadership abilities and/or visual and performing arts abilities.  A combination of testing and documentation is required for placement into the gifted and talented program.  The Campbell County Schools Gifted and Talented Handbook (link on the right) provides more information regarding the program.

A combination of screening and documentation is used to determine placement in the Primary Academic Talent Pool (Kindergarten through Grade 3).  Placement in the Primary Talent Pool is not a Gifted and Talented identification.  Gifted and Talented identification begins in Grade 4 and is reviewed through Grade 12.

Formal identification of students in Grades 4-12 includes a combination of formal and informal measures, specific to the five categories of giftedness.  

How are the diverse needs of the gifted and talented met in Campbell County?

We have many opportunities here to meet the unique needs of all learners, including the gifted and talented.

  • Pull Out Programs for Primary Talent Pool 
  • Standards Based Collaboration for diverse needs
  • Customized Professional Development for All Educators
  • Individual Consultation with Teachers and Parents, as Requested
  • Visual and Performing Arts Opportunities
  • Advanced Placement Courses at CCHS
  • Field Trips Designed for Gifted Students
  • Leadership Opportunities in Each School Building
  • Parent Workshops and Support Groups
  • Educator Planning Sessions
  • And So Much More!

What should I do if I still have questions?

Your child's teacher is your best source!  Our teachers have many techniques to meet the needs of your child and are best equipped to share what's working in the classroom with your child.  If you need additional support or materials, please use the Contact Us link on the right.

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