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Snacks during School

We do not have a snack calendar in the 2nd grade. Instead, we encourage students to bring in their own healthy snack for the afternoon.  I will allow students to get there snack out and eat it at a designated time. We ask that all snacks are peanut free (refer to peanut free link) and healthy. As a school policy, snacks such as cookies, candy or other high sugar snacks are not permitted in the school and will be sent back home.

Student may only bring water into the classroom. Students may keep a water bottle with a closeable lid on their desk to drink throughout the day.

Here are a few snacks that are peanut free and permitted to be brought into the school:
- fruit
- vegetables
- cereal
- fruit snacks
- fruit roll-ups
- gold fish/ Cheez Its
- baked crackers (Triscuts, Graham, Wheat Thins, etc.)
- baked chips
- rice cakes
- granola bars
- pretzels

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.