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PE Activities

PE Activities

Personal Health Skills:

Fitness Games & Challenges                               
Fitness Testing
Stretching & Jogging
MyPlate Food Guide
Communicable Diseases
Cardio - Muscular Endurance
Jump Rope Skills
Parachute Fitness
Leader Exercises
Animal Movements

Fundamental Motor Skills:

Loco motor Skills: Skills used to move the body from place to place or to project the body upward (walking, running, skipping, hopping, galloping, sliding, leaping, & jumping).

Nonlocomotor Skills: Skills performed without moving from place to place (bending, twisting, pushing, pulling, & stretching).

Manipulative Skills: Skills used to handle an object.  These skills form the foundation for many game skills.

          *Balloons                                  *Beanbags
          *Juggling Scarves                     *Ball Activities
          *Scoops & Balls                        *Paddles & Balls
          *Frisbees                                  *Hoops
          *Jump Ropes                             *Wands

Body Management Skills: Skills used to control the body in a variety of situations.  These skills require an integration of agility, coordination, balance, and flexibility.

          *Cargo net
          *Balance Beam
          *Parachute Activities

Rhythmic Movement Skills: Rhythm is the basis of music and dance.  The purpose is to provide a variety of fundamental movement experiences so the child can learn to move effectively and efficiently and can develop a sense of Rhythm.

          *Fundamental Rhythms
          *Creative Rhythms
          *Square Dancing

Gymnastic Skills: Skills used to develop body management (flexibility, agility, balance, strength, & body control).

          *Tumbling & Balance                         
          *Partner & Group Stunts                               
          *Animal Movements

Game Skills:

Team Sports: Games are excellent activities for developing social skills. Students can be taught to display appropriate interactive skills such as leading, following, and making decisions.  Cooperative skills that include following directions, accepting individual differences, and participating in a teamwork situation are necessary for reaching common goals.

*Sport Lead-up Games           *Basketball
*Soccer                                  *Volleyball
*Football                                *Team Handball
*Floor Hockey                        *Badminton

Personal Challenge Skills: Skills used while participating in relays.

          *Relay Races