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The Campbell County Schools Technology department is responsible for providing a safe, reliable and secure internet connection to all Campbell County Schools classrooms. We provide support for a variety of technology resources including wired and wireless internet connectivity, printers and copiers, phones, paging systems, wireless devices and wired desktop devices, projectors, interactive white boards, sounds systems, and more! 

Campbell County Schools is currently one-to-one for all students in grades K-12. In total, we support over 8,000 computers/tablets for 5,000 students and 800 staff. 

If you are a student having trouble with a school issued device, please contact your school directly. 

If you are a staff member having trouble with a school/district issued device, please submit a technology work order. 


Stephen Riddle, Chief Information Officer
Ashley Mills, Computer Device Technician
Raymond Wright, Computer Device Technician
Nick Lyons, Computer Device Technician
Jessica McElfresh, Technology Assistant
Sarah Steffen, Student Information System Data Specialist

School Technology Contacts

Campbell County High School
Principal: Holly Phelps
School Technology Coordinator: Toni McKee
STLP Coordinator:

Campbell County Middle School
Principal: Chris Barwell
School Technology Coordinator: Melissa Gardner
STLP Coordinators: 

Campbell County ATC
Principal: Carolyn Stewart
School Technology Coordinator: 

Campbell Ridge Elementary
Principal: Anthony Mazzei
School Technology Coordinator Andrew Bloomfield
STLP Coordinator: Lauren Waters

Cline Elementary
Principal: Karrie Irons-Bird
School Technology Coordinator: Jill McGlone
STLP Coordinators:

Crossroads Elementary
Principal: Kim Visse
School Technology Coordinator: 
STLP Coordinators:

Grant's Lick Elementary
Principal: Emily Hamilton
School Technology Coordinator: Chrissy Adkins
STLP Coordinator: Stephanie Denneman

Reiley Elementary
Principal: Kevin Mayleben
School Technology Coordinator: Jen Gamble
STLP Coordinator: Pam Rice