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Health Services

Diana Taylor RN BSN:  Health Services Coordinator  (859)635-2173 ext. 1008


Campbell County High School:  Cindy Lee  (859)635-4161 ext. 6040

Campbell County Middle School:  Cynthia Nordwick  (859)635-6077 ext. 5040

Campbell Ridge Elementary:  Martha Burns  (859)448-4780 ext. 4040

Cline Elementary:  Amy Krift  (859)781-4544 ext. 2040

Crossroads Elementary:  Madisen Lively  (859)441-9174 ext. 3040

Grant's Lick Elementary:  Somer Hurston (859)635-2129 ext. 7040

Reiley Elementary:  Darlene Walton  (859)635-2118 ext. 8040


2022 Health Services Reference Guide


Student Accident Insurance
During the school day only or full time (24 hours) is available for purchase through Scholastic Insurors. The details can be found in the attached brochure located in the For Our Parents section of the district website. This type of coverage is not intended to be primary insurance but supports meeting deductibles and co-payments.