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Senate Bill 128 - Supplemental Year Survey

For those of you not familiar with Senate Bill 128, this is the new law that will allow each local Board of Education to consider whether to permit a "supplemental year" to be provided for students whose parents request it for the 2021-22 school year.  Our team has put together a brief summary of information for parents to review and a formal request form which may be access via this link. The district received a guidance document from the Kentucky Department of Education last week and I would STRONGLY recommend your careful reading of the linked KDE document for anyone interested in requesting the supplemental year for your child.  The important thing to know is that parents must submit requests for a supplemental year and the district will review and make an "all or none" decision to permit a supplemental year.  The requests must be made via the linked document above and must be submitted by MAY 1st.  

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