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Title 1/RTI

At Campbell Ridge we provide 3 levels of instruction for students. 

  1. Level 1 instruction occurs in the regular classroom and roughly 80% of students will successfully learn the grade level material by taking part in the teaching that goes on in their regular classroom.
  2. Level 2 intervention is for those students that need more support in order to learn the content.  Level 2 intervention always happens in a small group (3-6 students) and is designed to present the material in a different way, in a smaller group, or with more time to learn it.
  3. Level 3 intervention always takes place outside of the regular classroom and is often with another teacher or assistant.  Taking part in a Level 3 intervention represents a serious concern with the way in which a student is learning.

A description of the reading and math Intervention programs used at Campbell Ridge can be found HERE.


You can contact any of our RTI teachers by email by clicking on their name.

JoAnn Nassano

Nora Gokhan

Helen Nassano