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How do I contact teachers, counselors, and administration during this time?

Staff will be available during school hours, 7:25am - 2:15pm. All contacts should be made through Schoology messages or the Campbell County Schools’ email accounts. No one will be in the school buildings to answer the phones. Email accounts are accessed as followed: For example: Mary Smith’s email will be:

What happens if my child needs help with one of the assignments?

We are asking that the child or parent/guardian either email the teacher, or contact the teacher via Schoology first. Should a phone call or skype session be necessary, the student or parent/guardian can give a contact phone number to the teacher. Teachers and support staff will be available during school hours for assistance

How will we schedule our classes for next year?

Since all after school programs/events are canceled during this time, guidance counselors will be in contact with you to enter in your schedules. You can submit your scheduling form via Schoology to your counselor or they will be calling you to do so.

How can parents/guardians access Schoology?

Link to Schoology

If you do not have a parent/guardian account for Schoology, you are able to get the access code by logging into Infinite Campus. Once you log into Infinite Campus there will be a tab that is titled “Schoology Access Code.” The directions are listed below to set up your account. If you run into issues with this, please contact Holly Phelps at

            Directions:       1. Go to

                                    2. Click sign up as a parent

                                    3. Enter your access code

                                    4. Follow the prompts


What if I have issues with my laptop during NTI days?

For technical issues or troubleshooting advice, please contact Jennifer Bernzott, the media center specialist, via Schoology for assistance. If Schoology is not working for you, please email her at

If your laptop will require maintenance due to something physically wrong with it, please contact Jennifer Bernzott and an appointment will be set up to repair or replace your laptop with a loaner. The student and/or parent/guardian will be able to meet Mrs. Bernzott at CCHS during regular school hours.



What if I don’t have internet access and I need alternate means to get work or assistance?

Someone will be in contact with you before the NTI days start to inform you of how you will be able to get your work over the closure. If a teacher were to call you, they will be using one of two methods. One option is they will be calling from a blocked number. Please answer these calls during regular school hours. The second option would be contacting you through a Google number in which you will be able to call/text during regular school hours.


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